Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brief nothing?

Want to post because I haven't for a while. Aiya...Now it's Christmas, what shall I do?
Put back the PS2 in the room? Spent hours on it...Now it's already 4:14PM
I do not want to give up Dae Jang Geum watching though...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weird dream and procrastination

Why am I still procrastinating?
Okay, after this episode, for sure, start reviewing comp lit.
Need to sleep at 10? Stop computer at 7. Come on...
On the other hand, a weird dream. A nightmare where I...didn't kill someone, but sliced their forehead off and hurt him considerably. It was Taeyang-- guess because I was listening to Wedding Dress before I slept. But he didn't... I don't know. There was no just cause for it? I had a cause up until I did it, but until I was giving judgement on why, I couldn't say it.
But he didn't press charges? And was still popular.
Even stranger, I started to become infatuated with him. Not yet but started.

Anyhow. I woke up, it was a nightmare, I had mutilated someone with an unspeakable, and perhaps nonexistent reason.

OKAY. Enough feeling guilty. Feel the valiance of Eliwood and Hector you so are addicted to at the moment and keep your word.

notes: RA form.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stupidity, this is to you.

To my stupidity which resides in my mind, acknowledged as impossible to rid of, this is a note to you.
At the moment you are acknowledged, untouched, so I am definitely not in your shameful grasp.
This note is to celebrate my mind which knows you as stupid and a silly portion right now, and not as a shameful but irresistible perversion.

:) This has been Clarity.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Types of Conversations

Conversations can be meant deeply.

In other cases, what some people look for is not thought, but emotions expressed. The stronger the emotions, the more enjoyed. But thought it not looked for. They look for glimpses of the emotional. Seek only the emotional, and perhaps limited thought processes.

Honestly, at the moment I want to say: that really disgusts me. Why limit the human potential to something so animalistic? Where is the expanse of the mind revealed through conversation like that? Can they not reach that point?
And if they could but choose not to, why not?

Is this because they don't think or they don't want to think? Or only because they don't want to think at that moment?