Sunday, May 8, 2011

So it comes to this.

So tomorrow my summer school starts.
Got to hand out those resumes tomorrow.
And sell those keyboards, so I will have to go to Post Office to check out how much it cost to sell those things.

And also, was watching f(x) Pinocchio when I young those girls were. And they are already entertainers... in crazy outfits. Do they want this?

...Anyway. that got me thinking: there is a lot of ways people think in this world.
But... ultimately, I think people are in search of the truth... What really works... for themselves...?
...Too lazy to continue thinking, apparently. Time to get ready to sleep.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Keyboards

So I have been home a few days: and I have been using my browns more.
What can I say? I sort of saw it coming that I wouldn't be able to part with either.
...Actually, that might not be true. I think if I were to part with one then I would part with the browns over the blues, since the blue are special.
But the brown...I guess they can sort of be normal keyboard? Or keyboard when I am sort of really tired... because while I was clicking on my blues in university I realized that it can get tiring.
Or am I just seriously weak sauce...

Maybe I'll sell both and get a topre or something instead. Clearly I am a lazy bum.

And thinking about it. I am not sure anymore. Augh.