Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why do I know how to destroy friendship instead of building it?
Why is it so instinctive?

Seriously, there is something wrong with that o_O Why would one go do that, and know how to do that instinctively?
What the?

Friday, January 29, 2010


I feel so .... empty.
I think I'm too bored?
Too reliant on luxuries. No goals.
This history essay, I'm going to do it well, and submit it somewhere. Maybe ask the library or find something out.
Or something, seriously, what the hell am I doing? Just lazing around!! My subjects aren't hard, so I should be working hard for the future.. Some goal or accomplishments.
Don't I have any accomplishments? Is there anywhere in the university which might have these....?
....Clubs...? Future opportunity/help at Western?
I have to ask Caitlin. Or something. Or Hershey maybe?
Seriously, what do I have sophs and RAs for?!

Come on Karen! Find out something about the future! Some accomplishment!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I think the title "I should study" just reminds me of all the time that meant I wouldn't study.
I just finished watching "My Sassy Girl" in Korean class today. I think...I couldn't be suspended. I can't be suspended into another world when I'm with someone else? I care too much?

But it was a good movie, one that is okay if you don't flood yourself in them? But that's the same for any genre.

Now I really want to write a fan fiction xD. I should...learn how to write in a way to capture people.

On the other hand, one of my one-shots was asked for permission to be translated. I don't care if it isn't loved...but being asked itself is flattering. I'm really happy about that.

SNSD's 2nd album is out! The ballads are really loveable. I know people are mostly in love with "byul byul byul" (star star star), and I like it a lot too, but I think "You'll always dream" or whatever it is roughly translated to (track 4) is good too.
The rest of the songs are okay? I always liked "day by day", though making it sung by all the members isn't such a HUGE plus for me.

The JeTi duet, "Caramel Coffee" is good too. I'm just glad I can hear "Yummy sugar" xD or is it candy...? Yummy candy? xD

Let's be!

There is a seed of unhappiness in me lately? I think I'm going through PMS. Which means... period soon...
T__T I dislike that week... so messy...and annoying...
But I'll be grateful for it, haha, heard from too many aunts and from mum how it's a blessing for woman. =.= gyuh.

Mm...I should...join the Korean Speech concert, eh? AND I NEED TO MAKE THE PPT for the family presentation!
Ahh...what else...?
- Comp lit thing is up in OWL too!

I should write here more often. Ms Ratchford said to keep on writing, even if it's something simple like a journal..
Mm~ hehe, and also, it's a good way to get rid of my darkness, or dispel at least a little bit of it, right?

Astronomy exam tomorrow...time to study~~
Bye journal~

(...Should I come up with a more creative name....?)

I hope mom is safe in Hong Kong, her fever is better and she will enjoy herself immensely. I also hope my grandpa and grandma will be healthier...winter is a killing season >_<... I hope daddy is thinking optimistically. (...Who do I hope towards?).... God, please take care of them, I will be extra strong for you. I'll try to be kinder too.

Keep them safe and happy, please.

....What's that? I should do something about that myself?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Place your hand over your heart

For no reason at all today, I don't know for what reason, I was reminiscing about some 1 Litre of Tears ...goods?

Mm...It really has got a good message... I make a note to my future self, whenever being ungrateful and depressed, maybe I should watch it...and just remember.

And if I can't watch it at that moment. I have to just put my hand over my heart and feel it beat steadily. Bump. Bump.

For nothing at all, but for the air I'm breathing in and out.
To look at the sky, whether it's blue or grey. To look at the snow or grass.
It's good to live, isn't it?
Isn't it?

Gratefully, meekly, let's start the day again, from that moment on.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Listening to: DBSK - Break Out (Radio Version)

How long will you stay here
huddled under this lamplight?
Cold, cold,
too cold to even cry,
they freeze before they reach your eyes
your fetal posture won't warm you anymore
you've been born for a while now.

The new moon covers her eye,
stop the camera you've been rolling
in your head, the tragedy is over.
To be honest, it never was.

Underneath the false cover,
you were killing time.
Take my hand, as you would
once, a long time ago.
Why do you look scared?
Fling those fears away,
they weren't yours in the first place.

The darkness is nothing to be frightened of,
follow me, away from the light
where all your "blemishes" are magnified
and your "perfection" too much so.
Those aren't you.
In the darkness, in the quiet,
find the one you repressed from the surface.

Believe me, there's more
to turn our gaze towards.
Those side-long glances,
stare straight back at them.
Each and every one of them
until each and every one casts their gazes

Close your eyes, listen,
your time is slipping away
from your fingers
in the form of cheap nickel.

Baby, if you don't let those go
and take my hand
you're going to fade away
before you live.
Isn't that frightening?

Isn't that frightening?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pots and pans

Why pots and pans? Because I want to say something meaningless to express my frustration besides from "God!" or "Jesus/+Christ!"

Pots! I really feel like an old woman next to my friends sometimes. In a goodish way? Since it makes me smile a little (not sadly, exactly, though I suppose the melancholic sad little smile is exactly an old woman thing- pans! I am genuinely amused, a little.)

Another, finally settling down on a good ff. :) Happy~ I want to write again...but I'll need to read a lot again.

Also getting into DBSK a little bit. Can I even say again..? Hah...

Right, I'm not sad anymore. But there are things, that promise of the experiment-- Man, remind me not to make stupid promises for the future in the heat of a moment/emotion. Because it probably will not end up well. I wouldn't mind if I done it right then at that moment, when I was down because that would be understandable? But chr-pots! Now I's....bad.? Something that would take away from...good. What I am trying to attain for?

Fuck, what am I trying to attain for anyway? I really don't know.
But...I guess that's okay, because I want to find out.

So...shall I do it just to find out?

Plus, can that remnant of my brain trying to pull a depression please stop trying to spit on other people's stories? embarrassing.
I've already .."been there, done that" before.
Really. Embarrassing. OMnomnomnom *eats it*

:) I love my friends. Really. Cute. What is wrong with them

+Too much cuteness is like stuffing marshmallows into your mouth-- what is that game called again? (Gewy chewy?) SMALL DOSES damn it!

Maybe I'm glad I'm living alone next year. =w=;;

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tired of thinking

So tired of this thinking. Seriously tiring.
Exercise later after reading.

Got a new book. Book 1 of Song of Ice and Fire today.
At last I'm reading this recommended
Yes, I look forward to it.

I'm trying to smile and throw out. Instead I'm so tired I want to throw up.

Stop thinking.

Apparently I got the password of my other account. Now to see if I can just delete that.