Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About Typing and Keyboards

You know, I still haven't gotten a damn keyboard.
And I think the urge has died down now... it's time to think.
Yes, I think I do want a keyboard.
Do I want a clicky or a non-clicky one though?
Originally I have thought clicky for sure...
But I mean, do I even notice how clicky it is when I am typing on my scissor switches? I'm also listening to the Cherry MX Brown switches on Youtube. Each keyboard and video sounds a little bit different, but ultimately it's the click...sound which is there and not....

I think I should still get the Blues though... because I think having the clicky feeling is important?
But if I get browns, I needn't worry about paying $30 extra for the otaku sets.
That reminds me of whether I actually need the otaku set.

I wish someone could just tell me...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good thoughts (Can't wait for summer)

Good tea is sex (that is legit what I thought when I smelled my earl gray, and drank it, and gave a natural, irrepressible sigh of satisfaction.)
(Then I thought:)
Good keyboard is sex.
Real quills are sex.
Cleanness, books, sunlight, wood... mm... oh yes.

Oh and wtf, just found him yesterday, but Matt Wertz's voice is also....
Just happiness. Thanks. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Essays and missing tutorials and outstanding fees.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Science Students (sometimes) piss me off.

...despite being friends with quite a few of them.

Let's ignore totally ignorant asses like Derek. But even then, the ones that are okay most of the time are not when you reach the science superiority complex thing.
It's like innate? They think they got more secure prospects ("WHAT the hell are you going to do in history?") and that science makes sense, it contributes to the world, etc. etc.

This is so fucking tiring.
WHAT world are you contributing to?
WHAT lens do you look through at the world? And asses like Derek don't count. You know the one, they watched or read too much damn fiction/anime about emotionless, logical characters and want to emulate them because they think that's attractive (mentally and/or otherwise). And then they worship scientists who "revolutionized" the world by putting the world into pure logic.
To these boys and gells: Just saying, the "Scientific Revolution" came partly from Alchemy, okay. And Newton was a mystic of sorts.
No, that's right, I'm serious.
But I mean seriously, I don't even need to tell anyone what a whack Einstein was, right?

But yeah, these people? My pet peeve.

"I wonder if Naruto is coming out next week? =D" ? And then some explanation to defend about economy will help Japan.

I might be overthinking, as per usual, but there are two things.
1) The explanation is bull.
2) The assholeness is intentional. So they can smear shit with logic's name and then give the bullcrap explanation.

But let's give him the benefit of the doubt that the assholeness was sincere, as in, Derek was sincere in thinking purely how lost life cannot be regained (no shit, sherlock) and economics will help rebuild Japan.
Where the fuck is the emotion? A person cannot maintain to live by without emotion and compassion. I don't believe they can, unless you're sociopathic. And even then, (dare I trespass with my opinions unsupported and un-reasearched into this field) I don't know how sociopath's brain function, although I'm sure some psychology student will enlighten me... but how certain is it, exactly?
Okay, complete digression. Anyway, yeah, so stop pretending. Poser of nothing good here, run along and emulate someone else.

Smaller peeving moments:

"Non science students are not human." or something.
My reaction: Is that a joke? What? That doesn't even make sense. Scientifically speaking.

Picture of a naked mole rat baring its teeth:
Him: "What you think this looks like?"
Me: "Looks like a cornered mole rat."
Him: "Ah, what do you know, you're an English major."
1) I'm a HISTORY major.
2) ...W...t...f? This is a logic fail? I'm not a science student so I can't tell the rat's expression? Great, so if I see an angry dog, clearly I'd approach it. And pat it. On the nose. And brush its teeth because it's baring them at me, right?!
I'm sure according to Darwin then, we'll all die soon because we can't tell angry animal faces.
But stereotypically, aren't history students more sensitive to these sort of things anyway?

I'm not saying all science students are like this, of course. But I'd say 9 out of every 10 at least? ...Does this get better with age or is it just because I'm in university and I'm still young or some shit like that?

Seriously kids, stop looking at the world through a loophole.


Friday, March 11, 2011

If only typing and thinking was the same sort of thing

80 words

speed typing test

If only I typed the RIGHT words, then I shouldn't mind essays at all. 2000/80 = 25.

That would mean I spent 25 minutes on one essay.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Too ambitious for exercising my brain in a university? Right.

Of course I don't understand the world I live in. The moment I do I'm screwed. More screwed than I am now, which is quite unimaginable and definitely unwanted.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why I haven't thought of this before...

... I will never understand. Because I have plenty of snark in my head-- always had (I remember I was in grade 4 or 5 once? And I kept on muttering this phrase of snark in the Archie's comic, something about "Who do you think you are, Agatha Christie?" and some older boy heard me) and it's no coincidence, probably, I find smirking arrogance attractive (or absolutely repulsive in a sometimes fascinating way, when one hasn't the right to that)

Anyhow... what was in my head?

Right, something along the lines of:

Girl 1: So you never make fun of anyone? (Or something of the sort: Why don't you ever make fun of anyone?)
Girl 2 : Well, I just don't make fun of anyone to anyone. Discrimination, you know. I reckon anyone who never makes fun of anyone ever is reserving her real estate in heaven. She'd never get any on Earth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Better or Worse,

For better or worse, we are responsible for ourselves to what we are conscious of.

Memorable quote:
"... But there is [sic] something I haven't lost... the freedom of choosing what kind of person I want to be. And that was very important, because at that moment I was really fearing that because of the treatment we were having they could just harm what I thought was the good part of me... I didn't want to become thirsty of revenge and to be filled with hatred."

What admirable strength.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Beauty is important because it's how one has friends.
Goodness is what makes an acquaintance.
Intelligence an enemy.

I never would have thought I'd agree to Wilde on this. But after thorough thinking, this may be the case.

Of the Two Blogs...

So I just spent plenty of time deciding out of my two blogs, which one to blog in. I guess I am sticking with this one, even though my other one had some pretty good posts (yes, and since I write and read all of them... clearly I am just a narcissist? Ah well, I should be confident I can continue writing just as sincerely anyhow. And this one is chronologically correct anyhow...)

Or probably because I am just a very lazy person.
Sloth is sin.

Watched Dorian Gray. Ben Barnes + Victorian suit? Aarrrrgh~ <3 Even though I was creeped half the time. Scaredy-cat? Yeah, I'm not going to even try to deny that.

Anyway, SDC Volunteering opportunities are coming up. I should do that. And other finance office stuff, T4A forms and whatnot...

Amazing, I just imported it. Excellent, now it won't have a stupid name.
And I can switch back and forth.
*taps fingers together at the tips* Excellent...~