Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Record

98 words

free online typing test

Can't wait until I get 100 + Please. :)

And I just did on my second try- woot!

Also met Paige on the bus today :) Good news on my English exam, apparently, and she also like Victorian literature and seems to recommend it-- which is awesomeness :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Don't say sorry so easily"

I don't know why this suddenly popped up in my head.
But from my summer internship two years ago, I think this is the thing that stuck out most in my mind. A co-worker of mine said to me: "Don't say sorry so easily. It makes the word lose meaning when you really mean it."

But I can't help but say it so often. I really make and effort to try not to do it...but.. it still slips.

Still, I guess I am glad I say it less now? Or at least I remember...

Typing on my new Leopold Cherry MX Blues now... to be honest, I know they're supposed to use less force than my MBP scissor switches, but I can't help but feel like they're heavier anyway- and that I seem to make a lot more mistakes on them.
But I know without the mistakes I can type at a higher rate than my scissor switches.

As to the sound-- I really don't have a comment. I wonder if I will like the brown switches more?
I keep on looking for excuses to type on these keyboards lately it seems...

Okay. Time for a nap and then hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow, bright and energizing!
If not... augh.. I don't know...

I plan to study about economics and science revolution tomorrow.

-- New high score for self. Okay. Time to shower.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pre-exam Craze; Rant against irrational Modernism.


moment of spontaneous outflow of emotion,

what are Words worth if--

I admit, nasty stupid pun-- blame

the modernist prose, the sight of block-age.


Tiresias can't look, yet sees

the confusion, through all,

at the inability-- disgusting core, Matthew Arnold would say-- to voice,

(WHAT does Gypsy Scholar do for you? Does it animate?)

to please? Perhaps, if Eliot's fame was-- no, IS-- so

it does boggle the mind in a most terrible

and irritating way. Discordant noise, jumbling

the mind and freezing over a jaw grinding

its teeth in frustration


it is so meant to create such a terrible mess

and to horrify with a decay and confusion

of perspective and time;



'Well I say you are a fool'

Infertile brain, curs'd with fertile womb

but brain is the root, and so since the seed

will also make the womb infertile



exam! Scourge like a cruel master,

cruel schoolmaster, Choak'umchild,

he, ha, hehe,


EXAM! . . . . . Woolf's five dots in her

insane asylum room, translates

to me because I need five minutes of stupefaction

as well,


Good night, good night (I am tired, I say)

NO, it's exam time!

Wordsworth scowls, saying

I say recollection in tranquility, why

do you not follow my rules

(When he himself did not! Did he not

rebel against the suffocating society?! Running

away to nature? Much better? I think not!

Scourge me not, you are no skylark! Anger me

like Woolf’s narrator in the Room— ARE you angry, Wordsworth

or it that all in my mind!?— wandering in the clouds?)

If I should write with this shuddering

and insanity at my exam, I shall certainly get a zero

Or some other mark

nasty and forever until I am wrinkled like a prune,

no, less: like a raisin. Small, small!!

no, no, no, please.

Foreshadowing is such a terrible thing,

Literature is not life though!

Although, would you not agree it's a mirror?

no, no, no!

Said Philomel too before despair took

her tongue, but not

her substance, her brain


and unmarked, until she turned to a bird.

Fly, fly, let me fly, please--


Thursday, April 7, 2011

GS: Dark Dawn Rant

Okay, so I just went on GameFAQs

And seriously, I don't like being a hater... but like most old people I worry about the new generation.

Seriously, did no one who played Dark Dawn find it sucks? Seriously?!

I don't feel like I'm qualified to rant on it immediately, because I played it around Christmas or something... or Reading Week (so either over a month or four months ago) and I don't remember quite wtf I didn't like about.

Yeah, because I don't remember anything about it. Because it wasn't memorable. Seriously with GS and GS:TLA I replayed it like... a lot. I won't say 50 times- 'cause that's just ridiculous but at least.... thrice? 5 times? I don't know. A lot, for a game. And each time was somehow still enjoyable (although not a manic sort)

With Dark Dawn, I got bored over halfway? Or confused? I felt like I was dragged. I don't mind the basic gist of it: a troubled world as a background, and young'uns go on a quest-- only to get embroiled in something bigger. Fine. That's a trope which works.

But not in the way it was presented. By god, I know Camelot maybe has other games under development and they were rushed to push out GS... but in 7 years, this is what they come with? Where is my smooth sailing, easy but exciting ferrying of the story? Of execution? It says something when a game/story is finished but you replay/reread it. And moreso you replay/reread is more than once.

With Dark Dawn I felt like I was lost, I was bored. And it's not just "oh so much dialogue." The beauty of GS series in the GBA version was that there was so much "damned dialogue." They developed the characters (and yeah, you could imagine the silent protagonist. Personally I fancied it, eventually you get used to it and it's just how they roll. And it helps when you're a fan fiction writer and you can have so much control over how you develop the character)

But the poor execution of it was... well, poor. I felt like things were jumping from one thing to the next, and there were loads of unresolved shit... which remained unresolved at the end. I can't say what they were exactly... (which is weak argument, but seriously I don't give a shit to play the game again to "rant properly") but seriously. Dark Dawn made me feel like a drowning victim rather than bating my breath for the sequel (which better happen, given the blatant ending, obviously) unlike GS.

I didn't feel attached to any of the characters and I felt like they just popped out forcedly out of nowhere. There were 8 characters out of nowhere? What? That priestess girl from Izumo...Miki or something? WHY DID SHE APPEAR AT ALL? Totally useless, just get her function to a psynergy device or something. Did Felix and gang find another adept just to use lash? No, they found a Lash Crystal. -- Okay, going off point. But I hope I'm making sense. Then again, I'm a story junkie. I guessed it could be something like: "Ooooh, different sprite! Different psynergies! Different stats/growth!" but yeah, clearly, idgaf about that so... well.

And also, the game took me 20-some hours to finish? 23? 25? ...I can't tell whether that's a good thing. It just seemed to me TLA took a LOT longer? ... Oh well, I suppose I should really compare it with GS, which I don't remember how long I spent on... >_> Ah well. But seriously, why was it so easy to defeat Star Magician? It boggled my mind. And why was it so easy to level up? It was ridiculous ... I think I ended up being lvl 50 or something? Wtf?

Anyway, as a fan of the original GS series, I shall fittingly conclude this with an understatement: I was underwhelmed. Completely underwhelmed.

Good night.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


And to answer my last post, I went with the last minute decision of Cherry MX Browns!... Of course I'm fully expecting that thing to come by April 20-something realistically speaking.

What. a. bummer.

Anyway, on Studying... WHY DID I TAKE FRENCH?
Seriously, I have an oral on the 6th and an exam on the 13th. Easy or not, I feel like.... it's just so out of place with the rest of my courses.
I guess I should review French today? and just write the oral.

...Yeah. Shower or not? Except I have no more conditioner. Well, only a little bit...

I also woke up at 10 today, but I fell back asleep until 1. Wtf. =.=
Although to be fair to myself, now that I think about it, I think when I woke up earlier my eyes were poofy like mad. I didn't even open them properly.

No more computer before bedtime.
Ahaha, well okay, it's not the first time I've set this resolution, but this is definitely a reminder...