Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anger is blocking my ability to study

I feel so angry with my midterm that it's blocking my ability to study. I keep on thinking how picky my professor was with words.
I got a 70 on my midterm, which I felt was definitely a higher quality than a 70. Am I overestimating myself? Or is this some fucking conspiracy where the professor is like this and I am just forced to ask her for a higher mark if I need? I know it sounds like I am overthinking... but...

I really have a difficult time believing my paper was worth a 70. Like, objectively speaking. The level of pickiness of it when the idea is clearly indicated...

*breathe... breathe...* I know that this exam I really just HAVE to say... everything. Watch my significance paragraphs.

As for the two essays. Oh man. Wow, I don't know. I really thought that deserved higher too.
But let me think... Shorter answers. Specific examples. Clearer sentences.

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