Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thoughts on being Single

Okay, so to pre-empt, this may make me sound retarded. As in slow.

But just a note to self... I think... I should write down (and set in clay, if not stone) how I feel about being a single, 20 year old girl.

I think... I finally love myself to just enjoy it.

I have been examining this thought more seriously, and I really think it's not just a "Well, I don't have a boyfriend so it's okay to be single" reaction. ... Or not just that anyway. Because I really, really, do not want to be a desperate person. Relationship-desperate people are never attractive, and really, especially if they're women/girls.

And it's just gross. I don't want to be a gross person.

But I've been moving from that revelation which I reached years ago to this one... where it's just, I like being single too. I like pampering myself and buying stuff for myself. I like loving me. And that sounds really vain... but really.

I mean, I would love, I won't deny by any means, to meet the right person for me and embark on a relationship. But... I think I like being single too.

Honestly I think I've thought of this before. But in a high school and university environment, sometimes you forget (either because you're envious/awkward watching kissing/loving couples-- unless, of course, you got that one (or two) friend and her boyfriend and they're like, ridiculously cute together and then you really feel awkward but happy for them over envy-- or you're busy as a hamster running to keep herself on top of a constantly growing snowball so not to get killed by an avalanche).

Anyway, I guess this was a reminder. Now back to work.

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