Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is naivety anyway.

Dear Stranger,

In my culture, there's this term called Naivety, and those who are naive when they are below the age of ten or so are termed cute, and it's seen as normal.
Somewhere along the line, once they reach fourteen or so, naivety becomes no longer an excuse, depending on the mistake done.

If the mistake is big enough, or sometimes that isn't even necessary, you receive a lot of "hate".

Hatred is such a weird thing. Why do people find it so good to piss on people? That petty hatred... it makes me think those people aren't capable of true love.
Of course I have hated before, and still hate. And you can only hate when you love. Truly love, truly hate.

Sorry, divergence...
But what is naivety, stranger? Because in our lands, every mistake can be a naivety couldn't it? Or just ignorance, non-seeing.

Hm.. brain isn't functioning properly and my fingers are cold. 5:13 in the morning.
Good ...night? Going to hit the bed?

After I brush my teeth and all the rituals...

God, what is Naivety? What is conforming? What is good and bad? It's like I live in a cauldron, in a giant whirling mass of colour everywhere, but ultimately giving a monocoloured feel. Sort of like the noise of an old television...

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