Saturday, December 3, 2011


A few anchors in my mind (that is, no matter what philosopher or logic tries to derail me, I will kill it):
- Family importance (namely, parents). Not even necessarily my parents than the abstract of them.
- Life is better than death.

I wish there were more, but anyway, having anchors themselves make me feel secure.

So even if I am unsure about everything else, in regards to the second one:
Because life is better than death, and because I don't know whether life is filled with wretchedness or blessings, my resolution is:
1) See the blessings more.
2) Strangle every bit of nectar I can from life and suck it dry.

Even if I love, it's for me. I know this.
Even if I love selflessly, I get gratification, therefore it is selfish. Even though my actions are selfless (or perceived so).

It's a bit frustrating, life, that's all.

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